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Postal adress: Columbus Earth Center, Museumplein 2, 6461 MA Kerkrade, Netherlands

Phone: +31 455676051 (Netherlands) 


Organizing Team

Hans Gubbels (Executive Producer & Program Co-Editor)

Hans fascinated about the world around him he went to study Mechanical Engineering. He started working in different companies and positions, also gaining degrees in technical computer science and marketing. Working for an amusement ride manufacturer and got first introduced to the power of storytelling and sensory experiences. Next, he started his own business developing concepts for the theme park industry, world exhibitions and visitor attractions. After 10 years at age of 40 he sold his business, after which he landed in Kerkrade to lead an existing technology museum. In the last 10 years he has dedicated his time and energy to grow this museum to a world unique ensemble of an experience, museum and discovery center covering the topics of earth, design and science and technology. These institutions, Columbus, Cube and Continuum are designed as open institutions for storytelling, engagement, debate and co-creation between visitors and knowledge about the world around us and the earth on which we live. The mission is empowerment of citizens, offering a platform for finding a sustainable future together. Through meetings with astronauts and his background in experience concepts he came up with the idea of realizing a world unique theater attempting to bring the Overview Effect to large crowds, the Columbus Earth Theater. Hans is an empathic, creative, and international orientated entrepreneur and eloquent speaker. 



Mischa Horninge (Producer & Program Co-Editor)

Mischa is product manager of the Columbus earth center. He studied hotel management and holds a masters in sustainability science and policy at Maastricht University. After finishing his studies, he started working for Museumplein Limburg, being able to combine at this museum complex both his passion for hospitality with his drive for sustainable development. As product manager of Columbus he is eager to bring the overview effect to visitors through the immersive installation of Columbus. He is interested to find out how the museum can further use the potential of the Overview Effect for the better. 



Felix Hoch Ph.D. (Program Editor)

Felix studied biology, studies of religion, Japanese studies and philosophy in Munich and Tokio. He wrote his doctoral thesis on methodological integration in interdisciplinary research. Training as integral-systemic Personal and Business Coach and in Design Thinking. He is coaching and facilitating in change and innovation projects since then. His journey to the Overview Effect started with Star Trek - Next Generation, space footage played as night loop on a regional television channel and astronomy in school. But his first true initiation took place when he watched the documentary ‘Blue Planet’ in an IMAX theatre, being deeply touched by the power of the immersive images. In 2010, he came across Frank White`s book ‘The Overview Effect’. Working as coach and facilitator he became really interested in the question of how to apply the planetary perspective for transformation. The documentary ‘OVERVIEW’ by the Planetary Collective was another key moment. After that he began to systematically develop a conceptual framework and explore the question in workshops and events. His most recent engagement is trying to support and connect the emerging scene of individuals and organisations interested in bringing the planetary perspective and Overview Effect down to Earth. He enjoys being in nature, with friends, practicing Zen meditation, and shifting perspectives.



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