Join us at the Overview Symposium 2017: Exploring the potential of the ‘Overview Effect’!

We are excited about our new date! On November 3rd, 2017, Columbus Earth Center organizes and hosts the first edition of the Overview Symposium, dedicated to bring together an international group of participants interested in the potential of the Overview Effect. The symposium will take place at Museumplein Limburg in Kerkade, Netherlands, and will be held in partnership with the Overview Institute in Boston, which is dedicated to communicate the Overview Effect. Attendees and co-creators will have the opportunity…

  • to connect with entrepreneurs, scholars, practioners and organizations interested in the Overview Effect;
  • to share insights, stories, research and case studies of projects, initiatives and successes from the fields of facilitation, integration and application of the planetary perspective;
  • to explore the synergy of coming together in terms of new ideas and projects;
  • to experience an energetic conference format with musical intermezzos, engaging dialogue breakouts, interactive workshops and a visit to the Columbus Earth Theater with it`s immersive ‘Earth Experience’ installation.

The Overview Effect

The view from orbit or the moon on Earth is so spectacular that it changes the perspective of astronauts on life itself. Many astronauts reported that something happens to you out there, a shift in worldview that is profound and long lasting. Author and space philosopher Frank White, who has conducted many interviews with astronauts, coined the phrase ‘the Overview Effect’ to describe this experience. As defined in White’s book The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution, it is “a cognitive shift in awareness” linked to “the experience of seeing first-hand the reality that the Earth is in space.” Seeing our planet from a great distance generates a deeper awareness of the Earth’s unity, as its social and geographical boundaries disappear. It gives you a planetary perspective. It is no surprise that the iconic ‘Blue Marble’ picture, taken during the last manned mission to the moon, helped changing people’s perception of our planet and gave a huge boost to the environmental movement. So far the Overview Effect has been experienced by a little more than 500 space explorers. Despite their best efforts to communicate this experience to their listeners it remains a challenge to transfer the effect it had on them. Still there is a growing interest in the Overview Effect and the subsequent question of how to communicate it and to “bring it down to Earth”. Many of us are sensing its potential and importance for the transformation of our worldview towards a more sustainable and peaceful planetary minded civilization.



Be part of the Overview Symposium 2017 and join us in Kerkrade!